Over 95% reimbursement rate. Rejected claims are thoroughly inspected, fixed, resubmitted and appealed when possible. Reports are provided to help prevent future similar coding mistakes. When coding is clean, especially with the help of our electronic superbill, our clients achieve 100% reimbursement rate!

Two-week turnaround time for Medicare claims (from submission of claim to receiving funds). Claims can even be sent the same day if using our electronic superbill.
One-week turnaround time for other high volume commercial payers.

Electronic insurance eligibility verification in real time (for walk-ins) and batch option (for daily appointments) save the front desk approximately an hour every day. Detailed insurance benefits report, including remaining deductible amount, removes the risk of having a high amount of patient responsibility accumulation to collect. Our clients have their custom processes assisted (for example, custom lab forms, appointment reminder post card layout and printing, subpoena custom form, etc.). Our system eliminates hours of precious staff time every week normally used to handle these repetitive and manual tasks.

Up to 30% increase in cash flow (turnaround time) when the front desk views real time patient balance and requests payment when patients are in the office (phone calls or emails informing patients of upcoming balance payment are also used effectively).

One of our physicians started using the electronic superbill on her iPad after only a few hours of self-training, and she had never used an iPad or any medical software before! She looks up CPT and ICD-10 codes, verifies code linkage, uses custom “quick codes", approves charts so the front desk prints itemized invoice for patients in real time. The entire office now uses paperless flow from patient check-in through check-out. No more costly and cumbersome triplicate carbon paper for superbills.

Also, all of our clients experienced a smooth transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. We actively helped them prepare and transition. “Business as usual" is what they say! Not even a slow down in reimbursement.